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Air Target General info

Air Target delivers modern, leading-edge acoustical scoring systems for quality practice and performance. Our products are continuously developed with the latest state of technology and components.

Air Target is the prime contractor to defense forces in more than 30 countries and has a complete product range, including MDIs, scoring stations, test equipment, sleeve targets and inboardtarget towing winches. Air Target has the capability to customize all products to the customer’s requirements.

Air Target provides weapon system-operators with instant feedback, turning each fired shot into valuable experience.

Our products and solutions in short
The universal 12 sector Miss Distance Indicator (MDI) detects fire being directed at the target coming from any direction. Changes of the target course can be smoothly handled during the mission. The systems are compatible with a full range of weaponry from 5.56 small arms to missiles. The battery-operated MDI, uses pressure sensors to detect the shock wave generated by a passing supersonic projectile or missile. The MDI is installed on or close to the target. The amplitude and the time differences between the different sensors are used to calculate the miss distance and direction to the closest point of passage of the projectile relative the target.

Scoring data from the airborne system (MDI) are then sent to the scoring station, over a telemetry link for presentation in real-time. The scoring stations can receive scoring data from up to six targets (MDIs) simultaneously.



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