Air target products

Test equipment and accessories

Portable Bang Unit PBU-2

The Portable Bang Unit PBU-2 is used to calibrate the MDI for every unique mission.

It is a small handy battery operated unit which produces very accurate sound impulses for testing microphone sensitivity, and for adjustment of the electronic circuits of AS-100 Miss Distance Indicators (MDIs).

The PBU-2 consists of two parts, i.e. the Portable Bang Unit PBU-2 and the Bang Box BB-2/C. The BB-2/C is connected via a 2.5 m long cable to the PBU-2. The sound impulse from the compressor type loudspeaker has a frequency of approx. 1 Hz is fed through a mouthpiece. Each MDI type has its own type of mouth piece. The PBU-2 is used to test and adjust all types of AS-100 MDIs.

Test Station

The test equipment manufactured by Air Target is designed to make a complete functional test of Air Target´s scoring equipment. Basically, the same test equipment is used for all Air Target´s scoring systems.

The Test Station TST-8 is designed to make a complete functional test (telemetry signal, electronics, and microphones) of all of Air Target´s universal 12-sector Miss Distance Indicators (MDI´s). The Test Station TST-8 can also be used when conducting calibration firings.

Test transmitter TTX-5

The test transmitter TTX-5 is a battery operated transmitter unit to check the function of the Marque and Mini Marque scoring stations. It is designed to produce the same signals as those from a miss distance indicator of the AS-100 family with 2-level FSK telemetry and CRC checksum.

The test transmitter has a six round salvo stored in memory and emulates a miss distance indicator during actual firing. The power output is, however, considerably lower and the range between TTX-5 and the scoring station is limited to about 100 meters.

Uplink Command Unit UCU-3

The Uplink Command Unit UCU-3 is a handy battery powered unit for transmitting commands to the Miss Distance Indicator (MDI) equipped with an uplink receiver.



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