Training system


Prepare to protect targets on the ground from airborne threats

ground-to-air target training
You most likely know how much you have practiced a specific scenario, but unless you have measured the weapon system operator’s precision you are not truly prepared for live action.

Our Ground-To-Air (GTA) system is designed for target practice of airborne threats, typically an attacking aircraft, helicopter, incoming attack missile or unmanned UAV, from the ground or surface.

Acoustical, universal angle sensors, placed on hard- or sleeve targets generate accurate data in both attack- and passing mode, allowing you to design realistic training scenarios, and to instantaneously switch from one scenario to another. Train the ground based anti-air forces to protect targets of tactical importance from a fixed location or an armored vehicle and prepare the personnel onboard a surface vessel for effective self-protection.

Our sensors will indicate how each individual performs and provides them with insightful feedback in real time. Training becomes more effective as the personnel on the ground or surface will learn from each fired round or missile. Time spent training and cost of ammunition can be reduced and most importantly; you will know how well you stand prepared for live action.

martin normark ceo air target


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