Operational and technical

We listen attentively to any issues or requirements that our customers bring to our attention and do everything in our power to solve the problems or add the extra feature.

Our goal is always for the customer to have the system up and running as quickly as possible, as we are fully aware of the fact that systems that do not meet the requirements cause operational inconveniences. We don’t believe in pointing fingers – it’s much more constructive to focus on finding a way forward.

Air Target Sweden provides operational and technical support.

Our goals:

  • Develope a long-term business relationship with our customers
  • Provide the most cost-effective integrated solutions to meet our customers requirements and training policy

Air Target works in very close partnership with the user and provides support for the life time of the products:

  • Product Integration support on customer site
  • Regular maintenance of the product
  • Repair and immediate exchange of damaged material
  • On site user training
  • Technical assistance during firing training
“Our customers will never find themselves in a first line-filter. They simply bring the issue to the attention of their ordinary point of contact who will then escalate the case to the right level” says Anna Pettersson, Sales and support.