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tor scoring station
Rugged Tor - Färdig
The TOR scoring station is a computerized scoring station for the collection, calculation, and presentation of real-time firing results from the universal 12-sector Miss Distance Indicators. The TOR scoring station is easily portable and suitable for regular training.

As an option TOR can handle scoring data from up to four targets simultaneously.

The TOR scoring station presents the scoring results, i.e. the miss distance and sector of each round graphically in three zones and up to 12 sectors. Salvo centre, mean miss distance, and the number of rounds of each salvo is all part of the presentation. The firing results are also presented in a tabulated form. The complete scoring results can also be printed in full detail on a printer. All salvos are organized and stored on the local hard disc and are available for later analysis.

The result from a specific firing situation can be recalculated with parameters received later to get a more accurate firing result.

The TOR Windows 10-based software gives the user an excellent tool for quick and easy operation and managing the scoring situation parameters. The scoring results are compensated for target speed, distance, and altitude as well as firing situation angles.

All ballistics and calibration data for the most common calibers are included.

When the Scoring Stations are equipped with up-link capability this functionality is directly available from the scoring software. A separate up-link control unit (UCU) is available as well.

As an option, the TOR scoring station can be connected to multi-muzzle microphones to improve the accuracy of the shooting scenario. Furthermore, it is upgradeable to incorporate GPS data in the calculations for even higher accuracy.

The Scoring Station TOR is also available in a Rugged edition. The rugged Scoring Station TOR is easily portable in a case resistant to harsh environments which makes it suitable for field training and deployment. The rugged Scoring Station TOR case consists of a TDU-1 or TDU-2, a rugged computer with the TOR software, antenna, cables, and a battery pack with an indication of battery level. For the station to be powered through 12V, 24V, or EU standard 230V there will be optional converters included.

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