Sleeve targets

Air target products Sleeve targets Overview Product range – Sleeve targets Sleeve target S30Z43/44 The sleeve target has a slight conical shape. It is manufactured of a thin, light weight, … Read more

Test equipment and accessories

Air target products Test equipment and accessories Portable Bang Unit PBU-2 The Portable Bang Unit PBU-2 is used to calibrate the MDI for every unique mission. It is a small … Read more

Air to Ground Scoring System

Air target products Air to ground scoring system The calibration free Air To Ground (ATG) scoring system is intended to be used at Air To Ground firing ranges for scoring … Read more

Inboard Target Towing Winches

Air target products Inboard Target Towing Winches Overview Product range – Inboard Target Towing Winches Target Towing Winch – MBV 45 The MBV 45 electro/hydraulic operated winch is intended for … Read more

Miss distance indicators for hard targets

Air target products Miss distance indicators for aerial hard targets Together with other useful payload, the Miss Distance Indicator (MDI) is an essential part of any live-fire training mission or … Read more